Imperfect Detection: An important aspect of Eastern Indigo Snake Surveys

The 2017–2018 Eastern Indigo Snake (Drymarchon couperi) survey season is winding down. The majority of surveys will be finished by mid-February, and the snakes will slowly start moving away from sandhills as the weather warms up in late winter and early spring. This annual movement off of sandhills makes a species that is already difficult […]

Marbled Salamander Movements

Two weeks ago I sojourned to a distinct depression in an oak bottomland forest in central Virginia. Now dry as a bone, it looked little different from the surrounding forest—but a few Aprils ago, I had seen clouds of thousands of Marbled Salamander larvae here, in this very spot, when the depression was ponded with […]

Dr. Chris Jenkins Nominated for Indianapolis Prize for Second Time

Authored by Amanda Newsom We are proud to announce that our CEO, Dr. Chris Jenkins, has been selected as a nominee for the 2016 Indianapolis Prize. Created by the Indianapolis Zoo in 2006, the Indianapolis Prize has garnered international precedence and aims to shine light on conservationists who are making extraordinary contributions in their fields. […]

Potential Distribution of Rattlesnakes in Mexico

Authored by Citlalli Edith Esparza-Estrada and José Jesús Sigala-Rodríguez Rattlesnakes are an important part of the biological and cultural diversity of Mexico. It is an easily-recognizable animal, and the evolutionary story of the group points to northern Mexico as the geographical origin. Rattlesnakes are viperid snakes belonging to the subfamily Crotalinae (Ernst y Ernst 2011), […]

Team Shady Triumphs

  The bright eyes of the hundreds of recently transformed Eastern Spadefoot toadlets that greeted us seemed to say, “Welcome to the low country of North Carolina, if you enjoy interesting herps, you’ll be happy here.” Soon after arriving at the motel in Elizabethtown, NC, on Friday afternoon we began finding specimens. Blitz participant Matt […]