The Northeast Kingdom is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, filled with lush forest lands, mountain bogs and cold water streams. But even though it is one of the most undisturbed regions in Northern New England and relatively undeveloped, it is still subjected to fragmentation from roads, deforestation, and agriculture.

We are working to keep the Transitional Conifer-Hardwood ecosystem, which covers the Northeast Kingdom, functioning properly to support the vast array of wildlife that resides there. We are working to identify priority areas for land conservation within the Northeast Kingdom to begin developing a network of protected properties where we will work to restore riparian areas and upland forests.




Great Northern Forests

The Great Northern Forests are one of the last wild places in the Northeastern United States where Northern hardwoods meet boreal forests.

Wood Turtle

Wood Turtles are a globally-endangered turtle primarily distributed in Northeastern North America that depend on healthy rivers and uplands for survival.

Vernal Pools

Vernal pools are extremely important temporary wetlands for amphibians and are where adults go to breed and where their young develop.