A few weeks ago we held our annual “Places You’ve Never Herped” event where we bring our members out into the field with us to conduct surveys for reptiles and amphibians. It always pleases me when kids or adults who previously had not experienced looking for these animals come out with us. In this case, a young man, maybe 11 or 12, came along and his enthusiasm for what we were doing was contagious. It was obvious he had done his research before attending and when we found a toad he proudly exclaimed, “Maybe I will be a Bufologist!” Some of you won’t get that joke (true toads belong to the family Bufonidae), but for us it was a real highlight – to see the enthusiasm for the conservation of these animals in the next generation. Maybe our mission should be: creating the next generation of Bufologists!

As a friend of The Orianne Society, you are helping to shape future conservationists. You were helping when we restored 10,000 acres of wildlife habitat this year. You were helping when we identified critical habitat for Wood Turtles, and when we collected samples to determine the effects of Snake Fungal Disease on Eastern Indigo Snake populations. Together, with your help, we have and will continue to do great things.

Now I am asking for your help again. As a nonprofit, funding is a critical component to fulfilling our mutual mission of conserving habitats for reptile and amphibian species. This year, a new donor to The Orianne Society has generously agreed to match incoming donations through December 31st, 2019 up to $50,000. This means, that no matter what you decide to give, your impact on conservation will be doubled. That means double the amount of trees we can plant, acres we can restore, and surveys we can conduct.

You have done so much, but can you please do a little more for conservation? This is an investment – an investment in our ecosystems and our future. Every amount counts, whether you are becoming a member, purchasing a gift membership, getting something from our online store, or donating – all of these gifts will be matched!

Please donate before December 31st, 2019 to double your impact to conservation.

Thank you for all you do,

Dr. Christopher L. Jenkins
Chief Executive Officer
The Orianne Society

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