Report Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake Observations

Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnakes are large, heavy-bodied rattlesnakes that are native to the southeastern United States.  They are characterized by dark-brown to black diamond-shaped markings that run down the back. The dorsal background color ranges from platinum silver to nearly black but is typically a shade of brown.  A dark brown to black stripe, bordered by two white or cream colored stripes, runs from the eye to the corner of the mouth.  Juveniles resemble adults in color and pattern.  

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Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake - Pete Oxford

The Orianne Society is gathering Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake observation reports from across the species’ range to use in a range-wide conservation project.  We are interested in ANY observations of this species, even animals that have been found dead (especially on roads).  More recent sightings (2000-present) are preferred, but older sightings are also accepted.  If you have any questions about the form or process (or would like to submit multiple records via a spreadsheet), please email Ben Stegenga ( or Houston Chandler (

How to Complete the Form

  1. Enter your Name and Email Address.
  2. Choose and upload your photo of the snake.
  3. Enter latitude and longitude of your sighting location directly or use the red marker on the map to determine the coordinates. 
  4. To use the map, drag the red marker to the approximate location and then zoom in as needed to pin-point your sighting location.
  5. Select whether the snake was found dead or alive.
  6. Enter the date of the sighting.
  7. You may also provide additional information about the observation in the comments, but this is not required.
  8. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

By submitting this observation report form, you understand and agree that the information and photos collected will be kept in our records. They will not be made public but may be shared with the appropriate wildlife agencies. 

Please note – you may submit EDB observations that you have already submitted to iNaturalist (any date) as well as HerpMapper (only submissions from after May 6, 2021).  

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