Photo of the Month: October 2021

This striking image of a Tiger-striped Monkey Frog, from the Tambopata region of Peru, was captured by Max Seldes. 

The Success of Red-eared Sliders Comes at the Expense of Native Turtles

Invasive species are one of the greatest threats to biodiversity facing our native plants and animals today. While not every exotic species moved to a new region by humans becomes problematic to native biodiversity, it is difficult to draw a line where a plant, animal, or pathogen is considered invasive vs. just non-native. Most species do […]

Improving Breeding Habitat for Flatwoods Salamanders

Properly managed longleaf pine flatwoods are a rare sight in the 21st century – Brandon Rincon Reticulated and Frosted Flatwoods Salamanders (Ambystoma bishopi, A. cingulatum) are two of the rarest salamanders in the United States, having experienced severe population declines and range contractions. These declines have occurred even within protected landscapes and have left both […]

Field Notes- September 2021

In this month’s episode of Fieldnotes, Ben conducts a nighttime survey around a pond in hopes of finding some aquatic snakes, and he finds a unique southeastern frog species in the process.

Snake Photography on the Snake Talk Podcast

On Episode 35 of the Snake Talk Podcast, Dr. Jenkins interviews Nicholas Hess who is a student, field herper, and photographer. They discuss the ethical considerations of photographing snakes and go into depth on different photography techniques such as macro, snakes in landscape, in situ, and underwater. If you’re looking for gear tips and advice […]