2022 Matching Campaign


We have exciting news to celebrate! We have restructured our programs and launched a new version of our website to reflect our new Science, Conservation Action, and Communication Initiatives. 

To celebrate this launch, a generous donor has offered to match every dollar donated to The Orianne Society over the next two weeks, up to $30,000! Individuals that donate over $1,000 will be invited to join us for a day at our newly named Longleaf Stewardship Center in Telfair County, Georgia, December 17th and 18th for a BBQ and a day in the field, including activities like monitoring Eastern Indigo Snakes and a prescribed fire demonstration. 

Prescribed Burn - Tracy Karplus
Eastern Indigo Snake - Ben Stegenga

Over the next 14 days, we will be launching a social media campaign to highlight each of these initiatives, walking you through our new structure and why it is important. We want you to see how your support translates into conservation for reptiles and amphibians and their critical habitats that support many other species of plants and animals. You can follow the campaign on each of our social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Please join our campaign to learn more about or restructure and the exciting work our staff is undertaking to achieve conservation. Double your conservation support and see how your help is making things great things happen in the field. 

Please note, donors of $1,000 or more will be invited to the Longleaf Stewardship Center for a day and a half in the field, with the second day culminating with the BBQ. Attendees will be responsible for their own lodging and meals/beverages in the field other than the BBQ.

Out in the field at the Longleaf Stewardship Center - Tracy Karplus