Photo of the Month: July 2021

This month’s photo was taken by Dr. Christopher Jenkins – a black morph Timber Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus).

Photo of the Month: June 2021

This month’s photo was taken by Houston Chandler, The Orianne Society’s Director of Science – “Red-bellied Watersnake (Nerodia erythrogaster) basking near a small wetland.”  

Photo of the Month: May

This month’s photo comes from Kiley Briggs, The Orianne Society’s Northeast Turtle Conservation Coordinator.  “A juvenile Wood Turtle at a site Orianne is partnering with USFWS and NRCS to restore riparian habitat to protect this rare and secretive species.”

Photo of the Month: April

This month’s photo comes from Ben Stegenga, Orianne Society’s Research Assistant at the Longleaf Savannas Initiative.

Photo of the Month: March

This month’s photo is a silhouette of the landscape during a controlled burn. It was taken by our very own Ben Grunwald, Land Management Technician Crew Leader for the Longleaf Savannas Initiative.