Documentary Archives

At The Orianne Society, our mission to conserve critical ecosystems and protect threatened and endangered species has been a journey worth documenting. Over the years, our impactful work has been featured in numerous acclaimed documentaries, showcasing our dedication to preserving biodiversity and educating the public on the importance of conservation. Additionally, we’ve produced our own compelling documentaries, diving deep into the fascinating world of reptiles and amphibians and the vital habitats we strive to protect.

Explore our collection to witness the incredible stories of our conservation efforts. Join us in celebrating the beauty of nature and the importance of safeguarding it for future generations.

2024 – Rattled: Conserving Rattlesnakes in Appalachia
2023 – Wild Hope – The Serpent’s Lair
2022 – Caveman Wildlife – Emperors of a Fallen Kingdom: The Eastern Indigo Snake
2020 – The Great Northern Turtle
2019 – Coastal Kingdom – Trapping Spotted Turtles with The Orianne Society