The Orianne Society is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of reptiles, amphibians and the ecosystems they inhabit.

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Snake Photography on the Snake Talk Podcast

On Episode 35 of the Snake Talk Podcast, Dr. Jenkins interviews Nicholas Hess who is a student, field herper, and photographer. They discuss the ethical considerations of photographing snakes and go into depth on different photography techniques such as macro, snakes in landscape, in situ, and underwater. If you’re looking for gear tips and advice […]

The Big Four Campaign is in Full Swing!

Our Big Four campaign is in full swing, and we are raising awareness to the conservation needs of four turtle species: Bog, Blandings, Wood, and Spotted Turtles! Follow us on Social Media, we’ll be featuring #TheBigFourTurtles all week.   Be sure to check out Kiley’s Faces of the Forest blog this month to find out even more.   Show […]

Photo of the Month: September 2021

American Alligator – Photo credit: Ben Stegenga

What can museum specimens tell us about the history of Snake Fungal Disease?

Some of the first questions that emerge when a new wildlife disease is documented surround where the disease originated and how long has it been impacting wildlife populations. Is the disease emerging or has it been around for decades? Perhaps something else in the environment is just now making the disease bad enough that it is noticeable to biologists.

Public asked to report pinesnake sightings in Virginia

Northern Pinesnake – Pete Oxford “The Virginia Tech Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation is collaborating with the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources and the U.S. Forest Service to collect data on the status of the nonvenomous pinesnake in Virginia.”  Read more about this citizen science project here.