Rattlesnake Conservation in the Appalachian Highlands

Authored by Chris Jenkins The Appalachian Mountains contain some of the last remaining wild places in eastern North America. Stretching from Alabama north into Quebec, much of the Appalachian Mountain range is protected as a series of national and state parks, national forests and wilderness areas. You can walk the length of these mountains on […]

Wood Turtles in the Northeast Kingdom

Authored by Kiley Briggs Snapping and Painted Turtles are ubiquitous in Vermont. Ask any resident if they’ve seen a Snapping Turtle, and they’ll tell you about the monstrous turtle laying eggs in their garden three years ago or the one they helped cross the road just last week. There are days when almost every log […]

Fire Season through a Field Tech’s Eyes

Authored by Jacob Barrett Throughout my college years, my schedule revolved around herps. If I was not in class or working, it was pretty safe to say that I was out somewhere with my buddies looking for critters. I considered myself lucky to be able to have had time to get out and see some […]

Monitoring with Hellbender Huts

Authored by Stephen Spear For me, the month of May has come to represent the beginning of hellbender season. It’s the time of year when the mountain temperatures are warming up enough to allow us to snorkel in the cold rivers and creeks that Eastern Hellbenders inhabit without worrying too much about hypothermia! It’s also […]

Jewels of the Swamp—Adventures with Spotted Turtles

Authored by Houston Chandler and Ben Stegenga On a cool day in mid-March, we waded into one of South Georgia’s many blackwater swamps in search of Spotted Turtles (Clemmys guttata). This marked the beginning of our 3rd year studying Spotted Turtle populations in Georgia, the first extensive study of these diminutive turtles in the state. […]

Landscapes, Corridors, Bears and Indigo Snakes! Oh, My!

Authored by Javan Bauder What could bring together people with interests diverse as black bear movements in an urban environment, detailed mapping of Longleaf Pine habitat, connecting protected lands for wildlife connectivity, simulating prairie chicken populations or mapping important ecological communities? The 2016 annual meeting of the United States Regional Association of the International Association […]

Journey to the Realm of the King

Authored by Koby Schwarzkopf and Sara Diamond Herpetology students from the University of Georgia taught by Dr. John Maerz recently took a two-day trip to the Orianne Indigo Snake Preserve (OISP) to learn more about Coastal Plain amphibians and reptiles and The Orianne Society’s efforts to manage the threatened Eastern Indigo Snake. Over the course […]

Fire Season 2016 Update

Authored by Brannon Knight Fire Season 2016 is currently in full swing for our fire team. It has been a busy couple of months for us, as we have traveled all over southeast Georgia. Starting in January, burning was definitely our top priority for the land management program, and we have done our best to […]

49th Annual Claxton Rattlesnake and Wildlife Festival

Authored by Amanda Newsom This year marked the 49th year of the Claxton Rattlesnake and Wildlife festival in Claxton, GA, and it was its fifth year as a rattlesnake-friendly event. Before 2012, this festival was a rattlesnake round-up contributing to the declines of Timber and Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes in Georgia. But the Evans County Wildlife […]

Meet Houston Chandler, Orianne’s Species Coordinator for Longleaf Savannas Initiative

Authored by Houston Chandler Growing up as the son of two biologists, I spent the majority of my time around various biology departments. Summers usually consisted of exploring far-off places during yearly bird-watching trips or catching animals at biological field stations. Through these experiences, I rapidly developed a keen interest and appreciation for nature. While […]