“Wood” Turtle Day 2017

Authored by Cody Bliss Growing up I was diagnosed with what was referred to as a speech impediment but really all it meant was that I could hardly pronounce an “R” properly. Crayon was crown and brake was bwake and if it were still 1996 and I were to try to say “world” it would […]

I Love This Time of Year: Rattlesnake Season

Authored by Dr. Christopher Jenkins Even though it is the South, the winters in the Blue Ridge Mountains can seem to linger on, especially in late February and early March. But in April, what seem like often dreary winter skies turn clear and sunny. The plants reawaken from their long winter dormancy with dogwoods flowering […]

50th Annual Rattlesnake and Wildlife Festival

Authored by Jonathan Bolton This year was the 50th Annual Rattlesnake & Wildlife Festival in Claxton, Georgia but this would be my first year attending as volunteer and representative with Orianne. It has been 5 years since becoming a festival after 45 years of being a rattlesnake roundup. After working in roundup country for a […]

Meet Cody Bliss, Orianne’s Conservation Communication Coordinator

Authored by Cody Bliss It is difficult to pinpoint the exact moments that led to my fascination with nature and the outdoors. I grew up in town outside of Pittsburgh in western Pennsylvania. Throughout the early years of my life there were no extravagant trips to far away destinations or encounters with charismatic megafauna but […]

Places You’ve Never Herped 10 is Coming!

We are pleased to announce our 10th Places You’ve Never Herped (PYNH) event which will take place April 29-30, 2017! We will be surveying 3 state Wildlife Management Areas managed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission that are located in the Devil’s Garden region of southern Florida between Clewiston and Fort Myers, FL. […]