Dekay’s Brownsnake: One of America’s most Misidentified Snakes

The Brownsnake is a harmless snake common in the Eastern United States, but their secretive nature means few people ever see one, or know what they are.

Photo of the Month: April

This month’s photo comes from Ben Stegenga, Orianne Society’s Research Assistant at the Longleaf Savannas Initiative.

Lighting a Match – March 2021 What are pyrophytic plants? What is a mosaic burn? Learn more this month on Lighting a Match as Ben Grunwald, Land Management Technician and Burn Crew Lead for the Orianne Society, takes us inside one of our recent burns!

Sampling for Wood Turtles

The Orianne Society spends a significant amount of time working on Wood Turtles in Vermont as part of the Great Northern Forest initiative. But did you know that Wood Turtles can be found in approximately 15 other states and in some parts of southeastern Canada? Despite this relatively large range, Wood Turtles are listed as Endangered by the IUCN and have already experienced population declines throughout most of their range, making them one of the rarest freshwater turtles in North America.

How to Help Turtles Cross Roads

So you’ve found a turtle on a road. Now what? This is a very common question, and it is no secret that roads pose major issues for all kinds of wildlife, turtles included. Turtles are slow on land, and when startled, tend to just hide in their shells rather than flee, so unlike a squirrel […]