Fieldnotes- January 2022

December highlights from some Indigo Snake surveys on the Orianne Indigo Snake Preserve and other important conservation properties.

Field Notes- September 2021

In this month’s episode of Fieldnotes, Ben conducts a nighttime survey around a pond in hopes of finding some aquatic snakes, and he finds a unique southeastern frog species in the process.

Fieldnotes- July 2021

Ben Stegenga introduces us to a new project that he’s been working on and building in the field.

Fieldnotes- April 2021

This February brought lots of rain to the Southeast, creating ideal conditions for a very secretive and imperiled amphibian. Join Ben as he takes advantage of the weather to try and document this dwindling species in one of its last strongholds in the state.

Fieldnotes- February 2021

While we mostly see amphibian activity in February, there are a few reptiles that can be found this early in the year. One of these animals is the Eastern Chicken Turtle (Deirochelys reticularia retucularia). Join Ben this month as he explores a seasonal wetland and highlights this special southeastern turtle.