Lighting a Match- October 2020

Lighting a Match- July 2020

Brannon Knight, Director of The Orianne Society’s Longleaf Savannas Initiative, checking on the preserve and the outcome of past controlled burns. walk through the preserve and learn about how controlled burns help keep the preserve healthy and optimal for life in these rare habitats.

First Finds of Indigo Survey Season

Dirk Stevenson, Director of our Longleaf Savannas Initiative (LSI), and Ben Stegenga, LSI Field Technician, found the very first Eastern Indigo Snake of the survey season earlier this week. Cool nights have Indigos and Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnakes moving back to Gopher Tortoise burrow dens in Longleaf Pine–Wiregrass sandhill habitats. As an added, and most unusual […]

Little Indigo

Ben Stegenga of The Orianne Society, photographed here with Matt Elliott, Nongame Biologist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, recently captured a small male Eastern Indigo Snake (4 feet long) at a private land in South Georgia. The snake—found prowling the shadows of a dark, now dry, creek swamp at high noon—was probably foraging. […]