Photo of the Month: January 2022

“Denizens of the southwest, flat-tail horned lizards are well-adapted to hot, arid, and sandy environments with sparse vegetation. This species relies on camouflage to avoid detection but once spotted, they will run and quickly shuffle in loose sand and bury themselves in seconds.” – Kyla Garten This close-up of a Flat-tail Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma mcallii) […]

Photo of the Month: December 2021

A Mexican lance-headed rattlesnake by Roger Walker…

Photo of the Month: November 2021

Southern Hognose snake, by Spencer Verhoef.

Photo of the Month: October 2021

This striking image of a Tiger-striped Monkey Frog, from the Tambopata region of Peru, was captured by Max Seldes. 

Photo of the Month: September 2021

American Alligator – Photo credit: Ben Stegenga