Lighting a Match – April 2021

This month, learn more about fuel, fire behavior and burn results as Ben Grunwald gives us a tour of a flatwoods burn with one of our partners, The Nature Conservancy.

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Lighting a Match

Learn about what The Orianne Society is doing around the Altamaha River Corridor and in the region on this monthly video blog about prescribed fire and other land management techniques.  Brought to you by Caleb Goldsmith, our Director of Fire Ecology and Management.

Starting From Scratch

This month on Lighting a Match, Caleb walks us through an overgrown and fire-suppressed area at The Orianne Society's Longleaf...

equipment maintenance for the fire season

Equipment Maintenance

This month on Lighting a Match, Caleb shows us all the work that goes into improving and maintaining equipment in...

Restoring Native Grasses for Wildlife

This month, Caleb Goldsmith talks to us about getting rid of bahia grass and restoring native warm-season grasses like wiregrass,...

Prescribed Burn

This month on Lighting a Match, Caleb Goldsmith takes us along for the ride! Take a look at what a...

Post-Fire Effects Monitoring

This month on Lighting a Match, Caleb talks to us about post-fire effects monitoring on a recent prescribed…

Wiregrass Seed Planting

Caleb Goldsmith shows us how wiregrass seed planting at the Longleaf Stewardship Center is going this spring.

Wiregrass Seed Cleaning

This month on Lighting a Match, Caleb gives us a few tips on setting up a cleaning station - mask...

How to Prep & Plant Wiregrass Seed

Caleb Goldsmith shows us the wiregrass seed that has been collected from the donor sites at The Orianne Society's Longleaf...

Prepping for Fire Season

Caleb Goldsmith updates us from The Orianne Society's Longleaf Stewardship Center about preparing for the upcoming fire season.

Dozers and Debris

Caleb Goldsmith updates us on the overgrown tract and its progress, from the night burn earlier this year to getting...

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