Bothrops Biology, Natural History and Conservation Status


Marcio Antonio de Freitas has contributed to several studies in the past few years to present data about the biology, natural history and conservation status of species within genus Bothrops in Brazil. Below are five of submissions detailing information about Bothrops pirajai, B. jararaca, B. leucrurus, B. muriciensis and B. taeniatus:



Biology and conservation status of Piraha’s Lancehead Snake Bothrops pirajai Amaral, 1923 (Reptilia: Viperidae), Brazil. Journal of Threatened Taxa 6(10): 6326-6334, 26 September 2014.
Bothropoides jararaca and Bothrops leucurus. Herpetological Review 41(2), June 2010 108.
Bothrops leucurus caudal luring. Herpetological Review 42(3), June 2011 436.
First record of Bothrops taeniatus Wagler, 1824 (Reptilia: Viperidae) for the state of Acre, Brazil. Check List 9(2): 430-431, 2013.
Notes on the conservation status, geographic distribution and ecology of Bothrops muriciensis Ferrarezzi & Freire, 2001 (Reptilia: Viperidae). North-western Journal of Zoology 8(2): 338-343, 2012.

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