Introduction to the Eastern Indigo Snake Studbook



The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) is a member organization that accredits over 200 North American zoos and aquariums. Animal management, to establish self-sustaining captive populations, is accomplished by the collective management of AZA members and approved private organizations. Species of conservation importance are managed as a single population, by all holding institutions, to help assure the genetic and demographic integrity of the entire population. Population analysis and the resulting management recommendations for the Eastern Indigo Snake are based on data compiled in the most recent edition of the Eastern Indigo Snake Studbook.

The Eastern Indigo Snake Studbook is an electronic record of the history of the captive population. It includes information on every individual specimen in the population, including pedigrees, dates of birth, transfers to new locations and deaths. These collective histories describe the population’s genetic and demographic identity and the general biology of the species. The main purpose of a studbook database is for population management, to help managers monitor and maintain demographically stable and genetically diverse populations at the size necessary to meet the conservation and education goals for the Eastern Indigo Snake.

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