Partnerships at Work


One of the keys to The Orianne Society’s many successes in conservation lies in its partnership affiliations. Since 2007, The Orianne Society has shared resources with many like-minded organizations, corporations and landowners whose missions include the welfare of endangered and threatened wildlife and their habitats around the world.

Our earliest partnerships were the result of Indigo Snake Conservation Summits held to foster intercommunication and fact-sharing among groups of experts addressing Eastern Indigo Snakes, Longleaf Pine ecosystems, and regional threats to both. So successful were these early partnerships, that the model has been carried forward to an ever-growing list of species and habitats, including the Timber Rattlesnake of the Appalachian Mountains, the Bushmasters of Costa Rica and Panama, and the Midget Faded Rattlesnake of the western United States.

Through partnerships, our strategies better address the unique characteristics of specific wildlife habitat needs. The Orianne Society and its partners must work together to help sustain our mission species’ populations and habitats. We place great importance upon a local landowner or conservationists’ input and support, and offer the same freely.

For example, The Orianne Society’s Land Management Team, based at the Orianne Indigo Snake Preserve in Telfair County, Georgia, cooperates and works daily with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, The Nature Conservancy, The Longleaf Alliance, the Farm Service Agency, the Natural Resource Conservation Service, and numerous private landowners across the Altamaha and Ocmulgee Rivers corridor, implementing practices benefitting Longleaf Pine forests, Eastern Indigo Snakes, and Gopher Tortoises. We have forged lasting and effective partnerships with our landowner partners, and while both The Orianne Society and landowners benefit, the greatest rewards are those reaped by the once-mighty Longleaf forests, and the species who call them home.

As you will see by clicking the link below, The Orianne Society’s partners are quite diverse. Within that diversity dwells the strength of sharing. The sharing of ideas, hopes, scientific data, solid advice and stories of great successes toward a common goal of making the world a more hospitable and life-sustaining place for endangered snake species.

We can all do so much more for conservation when we team up as conservation partners, and we will continue to develop partnerships with conservationists, scientists and landowners around the world to reinforce our global impact. The Orianne Society invites other like-minded partners to join us as we continue on this journey.

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