Remembering Tatiana Kotenko



Authored by Dr. Olexander Zinenko

On March 2, 2013, an outstanding Ukrainian herpetologist, Tatiana Kotenko, passed away. During her entire scientific career, she had a particular fondness for the Steppe Viper (Vipera renardi) and the Steppe Runner (Eremias arguta), both her favorite reptiles.

Tatiana was born on October 14, 1949, in Kiev. Her lifelong interest in animals began during her school years, and she was a young naturalist in the Kiev Zoo. She graduated from Kiev University with an honorary award in 1972. After entering her Ph.D. fellowship at the Institute of Zoology of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in Kiev, she started her research work in the Chernomorsky Nature Reserve under supervision of two prominent Ukrainian zoologists, Prof. Mikhail Voinstvensky and famous herpetologist Prof. Nikolay Shcherbak.

At the time of her first publication issued in late 1970, there were already several papers dealing with ecology and protection of Steppe Vipers (Kotenko, 1977a; Kotenko, 1977b; Kotenko, 1978a; Kotenko, 1978b). In January 1979, she became a research scientist in the Department of Population Ecology and Conservation of Vertebrates in the Institute of Zoology of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences where she worked until 2013. In May 1983, she defended her Ph.D. thesis “Reptiles of the Left-Bank Steppe of Ukraine.”

For many years, the main topics of her research were the ecology, distribution and conservation, morphological variation, and taxonomy of all reptiles inhabiting the steppe zone of Ukraine and adjacent countries. As an outstanding expert in basic zoology research, Tatiana also contributed greatly to nature protection. She participated in developing the national web of protected areas, contributed prominently to all editions of the Red Data Book of Ukraine and an inventory of rare species of reptiles in Ukraine, and organized practical actions to protect Steppe Vipers. She was a member of the editorial board of the Vestnik Zoologii (the leading national zoological journal in Ukraine), an IUCN expert, and a member of many nature conservation and zoological societies.

Every year, Tatiana spent the entire spring and autumn in the field, usually alone but sometimes accompanied by colleagues or students. She never stopped her field activities—she continued her work during the severe times after the Soviet Union collapse and during the last years of her life when she experienced increasing health problems and was busy writing numerous scientific papers and by official duties in the Institute. This brave woman travelled alone across the whole southern Ukraine, lowland Crimea and other regions totalling dozens of kilometers each day and using all types of transport. She stayed overnight in a tent or in houses of local people who were inspired by her enthusiasm and dedication to science. There are virtually no places in her study area where Tatiana did not spend at least a couple of days. No one could compete with her ability to work day and night under such harsh field circumstances.

Given her enormous enthusiasm, restless temperament, inborn sense of nature, deep dedication and passion during her scientific career, Tatiana collected huge amounts of data—only portions of which have been published, unfortunately.

Ironically, she had a severe allergic reaction to Steppe Vipers, which would be a serious argument against working with them for most of people. Nevertheless, she continued her work even though she had been bitten by vipers several times. She always returned to her work with these animals, sometimes after only couple of days of intensive therapy in a local hospital.

Among her approximately 200 publications, the most important viper papers Tatiana published include several with population status censuses and distribution dynamics of Steppe Vipers in mainland Ukraine made in different times between 1970 and 2000 (Kotenko, 1977b; 1981; 1983; 1989a and b; 1991; 2000; 2002; 2007b; 2008); the Crimea (Kotenko, 2000b, 2007a; 2008); the Danube Delta (1993; 2002a); the description and monitoring of a specific island population of “giant” V. renardi from Orlov Island (Kotenko, 1977; Kotenko, 2009; Kotenko et al., 2012); the ecology of Steppe Vipers (Kotenko, 1978a and b; 1989); participation in early biochemical studies (Kotenko et al., 1999); and a large scale phylogeographic project (Ferchaud et al., 2012) of V. renardi and V. ursinii. She also participated in one of the first studies showing genetic impoverishment as a negative factor leading to decreasing population viability in vipers (Ujvari et al., 2002c).

As a dedicated field zoologist, Tatiana personally discovered, described and monitored many populations of V. renardi in southern Ukraine over decades of work to compile supplementary data about snakes and prey abundance, vegetation structure, human impact and threats to the populations. Most of this information remains unpublished in her diaries, but we are sure it will be important ground for future research in the field of practical conservation, ecology and evolution.

We deeply miss Tatiana as a friend and colleague, and those who knew her will remember her as vivid, bright scientist and friend.

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