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Photo: @John Curlis

Location: Costa Rica

Species: Casque-headed Lizard (Corytophanes cristatus)

“I got super lucky finding this Corytophanes at La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica. I was there as a Teaching Assistant for the University of Georgia’s Tropical Ecology in class in May. I was actually trying to get good photos of Yellow-Headed Geckos (Gonatodes albogularis) on the trunk of a very large tree, and they weren’t exactly cooperating. I chased these geckos around the trunk at least three or four times before I noticed the Corytophanes clinging to a liana that was hanging right in front of my face. It appeared to be so confident with its camouflage that it refused to move for quite a long time, allowing me to take lots of photographs and to show it off to the students in the course.”

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