Three new species found in Colombia



During a herpetological exploration in the Colombian Chocó and framed within the international project Lost Frogs supported by USFWS (Wildlife without borders), the expedition team composed by Alonso Quevedo, Felipe Barrera, Uberney Garcia, Juan Carlos Luna, Luis Rubelio Garcia (Fundación ProAves), Robin Moore (Conservation International), Don Church, Wes Sechrest, Nikki Roach (Global Wildlife Conservation) and Lucy Cooke (journalist) found three species new to science, three very rare and endemic species of the Chocó.

The species found have become a large and significant contribution to the biodiversity of Colombia and the planet at a time when, unfortunately, many species of amphibians are on the verge of extinction due to factors such as climate change, accelerated deforestation and the fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, a fungus that threatens the world’s amphibians.

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