World Snake Day 2022

Join us in celebrating World Snake Day on July 16th! 

We’ll be featuring Snakes of the World on our social media platforms all week.  Follow us to learn about some of the most unique and fascinating species out there.

We’re also looking forward to this online presentation by Dr. Chris Jenkins:

SnakesoftheWorld BUSHMASTER Presentation copy2

Bushmasters are the longest venomous snake in the western hemisphere and can be found in the forests of Central and South America.  Did you know that Bushmasters are known to be capable of injecting large amounts of potent venom, but they are rarely encountered and snake bites are not common?

Sign up to learn more about this secretive pit viper – registration is required (attendance is free). Please register to receive a Zoom link here:

Be sure to check out our Shop to purchase our new World Snake Day t-shirts, which are available for a limited time only!  Celebrate World Snake Day and show your support for wildlife conservation.

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