Carolina Pygmy Rattlesnakes


“When out in the field, encountering wildlife engaging in natural behaviors is a rare treat, especially when it comes to snakes that are masters at hiding in plain sight. Pygmy Rattlesnakes range throughout the southeastern United States, occupying densely vegetated areas within flatwoods, sandhills, and wetland ecotones. Across their range, their coloration is extremely variable; these adult Carolina Pygmies were found in a region where the local pygmy population is fiery red. Though the photo looks like it was taken closer, these copulating pygmies were given a wide berth & photographed as found; it’s important to respect wild animals and their space, even the small ones.” -Samantha Dillon

This image was captured by Samantha Dillon – thank you for sharing your work with us!  To connect with Samantha and see more of her work, please go to @sistrurus and @emeraldcoastherping on Instagram.