Clifton’s Lizard Eater


Clifton's Lizard Eater Snake, basking on a rock surface with trees in the background

“Here’s a photo of one of México’s most striking and seldomly seen colubrid species: Clifton’s Lizard Eater snake, or Mastigodryas cliftoni, which can be found throughout tropical Northwestern México. 

The snake in this photograph was found in Southern Chihuahua in a low elevation canyon in the Tropical Deciduos Forest one December morning, while it was active on the crawl on a small wash.” – Ricardo Ramírez Chaparro

This month’s photograph of the Clifton’s Lizard Eater comes to us from Ricardo Ramírez Chaparro – thank you for sharing your image with us!  To connect with Ricardo and see more of his work, please visit his account on Instagram @lizardskinn.