Common Snapping Turtle



“Common Snapping Turtles often get overlooked or underappreciated as a species and perhaps even suffer a bit of a bad rap due to their defensiveness and strong bite when on land.  However, underwater they become almost puppy-like with their curiosity, often approaching very closely. Their seemingly bold and curious behavior underwater contrasts sharply with their defensive demeanor on land, highlighting their remarkable adaptability to different environments and their preference for the safety and freedom that water provides. 

This particular individual is a resident of a particular spring in Florida. She has gone blind in her old age but it doesn’t stop her from feeding and she is a favorite of everybody who visits this spring.” – Matthew Sullivan

This stunning Snapping Turtle was photographed by Matthew Sullivan – thank you for sharing with us!  To connect with Matthew and see more of his work, please go to, find him on Instagram @formerlyhomelessphotographer.  He also co-hosts a YouTube series, The Underwater Photography Show – watch to improve your skills and learn more.