Junaluska Salamander



“For the November photo of the month, I decided to choose this brightly colored Junaluska Salamander (Eurycea junaluska). While most people see November as the season of the sticks, for Junaluskas love is in the air. As the leaves and temperatures drop, males develop muscles around their jaws for combat, giving their heads a bulky look to them. Found in the southern Appalachians, they are typically only surface active this time of year as they move to large rivers and streams to breed. Axel Rose may say what he wants about cold November rain, but for me it means seeing my favorite Eurycea!” – Kevin Hutcheson

The image of this striking salamander was taken by Kevin Hutcheson.  Thank you for sharing your work with us!  To connect with Kevin and see more of his work, please visit @culvertkev on Instagram.