Snake Talk

The Podcast

Snake Talk is an hour long, interview style podcast hosted by our Chief Executive Officer, Chris Jenkins.  We design the podcast to cover a variety of topics around snakes and to appeal to a broad audience.  One of the primary goals is to provide knowledge that will help make snakes part of the conversation and ultimately improve the negative public view of these animals.


Listen in:

Social Media

In the same vein as the podcast, and often featuring species mentioned in the latest episode, the Let’s Talk About Snakes social media posts offer interesting and unusual facts about snakes – all geared towards increasing the public’s knowledge about snakes and decreasing fear and persecution.

World Snake Day Informational Videos

We produced a series of 28 videos for our 2020 World Snake Day Campaign featuring a variety of snake facts, brought to you by Dr. Chris Jenkins.  Watch the entire playlist from The Orianne Society’s YouTube Channel below.