Individual donors are crucial to our success.

All nonprofits ask for donations – we have to.  We can’t do our work without your help.  We solicit funding from multiple sources, such as private and government grants, foundations, and corporate sponsorships, but individual donors really make a difference in conservation.  We try to make it very easy to give and there are many ways you can do so:


It is very easy to donate here on our website!  This is where you can set up a one time or recurring donation or become a member.  Donations can be restricted to your interests or left unrestricted to go where we need it most.  You will receive an immediate tax acknowledgement letter for your donation.


Checks can be made out to The Orianne Society and mailed to 11 Old Fruit Stand Lane, Tiger, Georgia 30576.  Please include your email address under your mailing address.  If you would like to restrict your donation, please indicate the restriction in the memo line of your check.  A tax acknowledgement letter will be mailed to you for your donation.

Wire Transfer, Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds

Wire transfers and the gift of stock, bonds or mutual funds are a simple ways to support The Orianne Society.  If you are interested in donating this way, please contact Heidi Hall at or call 706.224.1359 for our account information.