Rattlesnakes: Protect-Educate-Conserve


On June 16th, 2020 we are going to begin a month long celebration of rattlesnakes through our Protect – Educate – Conserve campaign. This campaign will culminate on July 16th, 2020 – World Snake Day! We will provide daily clips from the field with Dr. Chris Jenkins as he monitors Timber Rattlesnake populations in the Southern Appalachians. These clips will be filled with natural history information, will dispel common rattlesnake myths, and will work to show how rattlesnakes are important animals that deserve conservation. You can follow Dr. Jenkins’ posts on our social media or through the hashtags:
#WorldSnakeDay2020 #SnakeTalk or #ChrisJenkins
Snakes, particularly rattlesnakes, are one of the most heavily persecuted groups of animals in the world. But taking the time to learn more about any animal deemed “scary” can change your outlook. With rattlesnakes, many of us learn from a young age to hate and fear the animals, though they are integral to their ecosystems and are declining due to human persecution and habitat loss.
That’s why one of our goals at The Orianne Society is to educate the public about rattlesnakes so we can begin to change the way people think about them. By simply leaving a rattlesnake alone when you see on in the wild, you are doing your part to help our conservation efforts. But we also educate people about snake bites—how they usually happen, how you can avoid them and what to do if you do get bitten. We educate people, especially children, about outdoor safety so they know the types of habitat to avoid and how to react if they come upon a rattlesnake. And we educate people about snake identification so they know how to recognize a rattlesnake versus a nonvenomous snake or other venomous snake.
Also, if you would like to spread a positive message about rattlesnakes and their importance in our world, please consider purchasing a t-shirt for our Rattlesnake Protect – Educate – Conserve campaign to support rattlesnake conservation and to spread the message that these animals are critical components to our ecosystems. Wear your shirt with pride to continue the conversation with others in your own community!
We have short and long sleeve and sweatshirt options for men, women, and youth! The shirts will print and ship every two days during the campaign, arriving at your door in about two weeks or so from your order date! You can order your shirts HERE