Lighting a Match- July 2019

Lighting A Match- June 2019

Revisiting our controlled burning areas in donor sites.

Lighting a Match- May 2019

Lighting a Match- March 2019

A look into burning young longleaf in early March.

Lighting a Match- January 2019

Lighting a Match- November 2018

Lighting a Match- October 2018

Lighting a Match- August 2018

An hour’s time compressed into a matter of seconds. This skid steer is one of the land management team’s most versitile pieces of equipment. It also becomes our most dirty piece of equipment, too. As with all of our tools regular maintenance is a must. Mulching vegetation sends leaves and twigs flying all over and […]

Lighting a Match- July 2018

Lighting A Match- June 2018

  Jacob Barrett, Field Operations Coordinator with The Orianne Society, explores The Orianne Indigo Snake Preserve and explains prescribed fire techniques.